June 23, 2001

That first really long picture is of every G.I. Joe... you can figure the rest out.
Scroll down ya lazy bastards.

June 13, 2001

I have all of these great books that I want to read, yet I am typing in this thing instead of sitting down and finishing The Dharma Bums. I hate starting to read. Once I'm going, I enjoy it, but its a bitch to get myself to just sit down and whip out a book. I'll wax more poetic later.
Please forgive me for that last post. I'm sure you all have heard that rant before.

June 11, 2001

Today was boring. I slept in, and didn't wake up until eleven o'clock. I missed three and a half hours of school. So I decided it wasn't worth going. I just just lounged around today. I kept telling myself I would make the most of it, but I just ended up flushing a potential day of productivity and creativity down the loo. I watched MTV. I feel so dirty. I was flipping through the channels, and was entranced when I saw a video for Weezer's hit single, 'Hash Pipe'. I almost broke into tears. All of that canned angst and shithaus riffs. That song is horrible. All I could think of is how much I wanted a music time machine that would take me back to nineteen hundred and ninety-six. I miss the good Weezer. I had their new-set album a good month before it was officially realeased, thanks to the wonders of Hotline. I would kill a puppy for them to release some new material as good as Pinkerton. I mean, who do they think they are, naming their horrible Green Album after the best Beatles album, the magnificent White Album? Damned whippersnappers. No respect for their musical elders. Just the quality of music really pisses me off. That's all I have to say about that.

June 08, 2001

A List of Things I Like To Write On Other Things As My Kind Of Degenerated Form of Graffiti To Show Off How Rebellious And/Or Clever I Am
  • 'flux=rad'
  • 'fight this generation!'
  • 'http://noise.blogspot.com'
  • 'Live! Live! Live! Live: In the rhythm hive!'
  • 'noise is living amongst us'
  • 'yar.'
  • '2 Legit 2 Quit'
  • 'George wuz here.'
  • 'Keep on trucking'
  • 'Captain Hubbard's going to FREAK YOU OUT!'

I'd remember more, but I'm too bored.This bothers me now. Ta.
Jesus. I am so cool, since I am spending my Friday night at home. Yowzas. Yet another list:
A Very Small-Sized List Of Crazy People

Here is an article comparing a mediocre movie to the Beats, which is a huge no-no. And here is a page about crime-loving athletes. Then there is a bunch of stupid people. I'll start actually putting thoughts down sometime soon. Not just links. I can eat glass. Sayonara.

June 07, 2001

Am I evil for wanting to see Evolution and Swordfish? Those two movies, for some reason, look extremely appealing to me. Those reviews say otherwise, but I might have to see for myself. I haven't seen a summer movie yet, and those two are definitely summer movies. We'll see. Or you probably won't. But I will. I love apple juice.

Things I Have Been Heard To Say To People
  • 'Hi'
  • 'I am fine'
  • 'Man, Weezer sucks now. Have you ever heard of Pavement? No? I should stab you with this knife I happen to have in my hand.'
  • 'Punk is dead.'
  • 'I'm such a dork.'
  • 'I'm such a poseur.'
  • 'Please, drop the gun.'
  • 'I swear; The body was dead when I got there.'
  • 'I'm such a funny guy, it makes me sick. Really.'

June 06, 2001

Blogger is going crazy. Please send them hate mail.

June 05, 2001

This is all very crazy. I have nothing. To do. To see. To experience. This is penultimate boredom. Ultimate being death. I'll pop in some Jawbox. Most likely For Your Own Special Sweeheart. I really need something to do. I am changing this around. I am renaming it 'fight this generation', after one of my fave Pavement songs, of course. I'm also making it so other people can post. So far, these are the only other people that read this thing besides me. Everything will be fine. Trust me.
This scared the hell out of me. The rest of that site is okay, but that's definitely the best. I'm too lazy to post now. Later. Later.

June 04, 2001

A Small List of Things That Are Underused

June 03, 2001

I opened up the editing window for this thing just now, but I really don't feel like doing anything to it. I'm down to the last track of Terror Twilight, 'A Carrot Rope'. Pavement, you will be missed. I think i'll finish up Candide. Shit. The album just ended. Hmmm. Time to pop in Les Savy Fav's The Cat and The Cobra. Ciao.

June 02, 2001

Mingus mingus mingus mingus mingus mingus mingus mingus mingus. Gar, that's a funny word. Mingus. But anyways: today I was just kind of lazy. No interesting stories to tell, unless I rant about something meaningless. I have nothing to write about, really. Alot of uninteresting people have been talking to me lately. Some people I enjoy talking to, but others are just annoying. I hate when they try so hard to be clever or weird. I just put them on my 'block' list for instant messenger. Problems solved. I know i'm supposed to be tolerant of stupid people, but I just can't help it. They also have bad tastes in music. I'm such an asshole. I'm a hypocrite, too, because my whole life is just a quest to be clever. But everybody thinks their own taste in music is the best, of course. Yowzas, I made a good point! Next week: George takes a shit in your subconscious!

June 01, 2001

Today, when I got home from school, I heard the phone ringing. But when I picked it up, all I heard was this beeping. This constitutes me hanging up. Then, I get this call again. And again. And again. Beeping beeping, beeping. I was enjoying this. I couldn't keep the phone off the hook, anyways, because important people could've called up. So, naturally, I started having conversations with the beeps. I'd come up with haiku for the beeps. I successfully recited the alphabet in between beeps (that was quite a task, mind you, those beeps were quick). Finally, I star-sixty-nined the beeps. I called the number. I got the sounds a computer makes when it is dialing up with its modem. That's my little story for the weblog. I hope you learned something. Please shoot me.
Today, today, today. Started Candide by Voltaire. Great book, it is some classic literature I actually enjoy. I'm amused by the names of the chapters. They just tell you exactly what happens in the said section. In example:
What Happened To The Two
Travellers With Two Girls,
Two Monkeys,
And The Savages Called Oreillons.

Jeezus, I'm a dork. Good book, though. Very funny. Recomended by me, it is.

May 31, 2001

I'd like to apologize for that last 'bloggin''. It is stupid and unoriginal to rant about music, I know, but I just love it so much. I feel so ashamed. Now I am no better than any other post-modern SlashDot-asshole with a ''blog'. I'd like to retract the whole rant, except for one thing. Plays Pretty for Baby is still a fucking great album. Screw the internet. Yowzas.
Wow. I just flipped on Plays Pretty For Baby by the Nation of Ulysses. This is fucking genius. Not just genius, but fucking. It makes me want to start a rock and roll band. Sure, Nirvana was okay, but the Nation was eons ahead of them. Nirvana inspired all of these shithaus semi-alternative-wannabe-indie bands and junior high poseur-punk-Korn-lovers, but the Nation was the seminal D.C. punk/indie band. Without them, we wouldn't have the Make Up or any other "emo-fucking band. Fuck Nirvana. Besides, too many people like them for my tastes. Now, you may say, "George, you are a biased asshole who thinks that everything popular sucks." Well, that's more than likely true. Oh, now look at what I've done. I've gone and ranted (bitched) on about the very sensitive subject of music. Well, fuck you. Yowzas.

May 30, 2001

This is the second entry. Enjoy. I'm working out the Kinks. Pushups, chinups, the works. "Girl." Um. "you really got me now." Yowzas.
Aloha. This is crazy. I'm "Bloggin'"! Watch out. Kookiness level above normal. Your faithful narrarator's head is about to explode. Yowzas.